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Andreas AND7155
54 years
182 cm
82 kg
Darmstadt / Germany
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I'm looking for a serious wife.
Siggi SIG1529
60 years
182 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I am an academic man, living in Germany. I am looking for a kind, thruthful, beautiful and intelligent Lady.
Lamar LAM5771
59 years
195 cm
87 kg
Orlando / United States of America
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A God loving person no cheating no lying her pass don't matter she must have butt not flat a good personality and like to enjoy life
Eric ERI4471
51 years
173 cm
85 kg
Chimay / Belgium
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Please ladies, don't send me your phone number or email xxxxxxxxxxxx I can't read them when not gold membership. Just be less specific about it.
Rainer RAI8951
68 years
163 cm
79 kg
Elmshorn / Germany
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Seeking a new partner who wants to live with me. I'm divorced and live alone. I'm still working and I am a teacher by profession
Christian CHR7133
46 years
178 cm
88 kg
Kempen / Germany
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i want a nudist family at home also with kids

A lovly woman she accept Polygamy

i want a threesome relationship in love and respect

i´m not here for sponsor, send money or pay airtimes or bills

Roger ROG9223
62 years
185 cm
87 kg
Courchevel / France
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Looking for someone to cuddle me and someone to cuddle;
A loving father of two wonderful children, both nearly adult now so I spend most of my days alone :-( I can be witty, sporting, good company, laugh a lot, play hard, work hard, and I just need a lady who is exactly that - a lady, tender, genuine, honest, likes variety in life, laughing, going out, staying in, will accept me and my kids for what we are, fun smiling people, who can't be anything but nice - we want somebody to join us, not change us, and we do not want to change anybody. We just want a friend, a sister, a lover (for me!!) Oh, and it would be good if that special lady likes snow and ski-ing because that is a major part of our life as we live, and I work, in Courchevel, in the French Alps!!
Being close to nature is good, not too wrapped up with modern life, but also able to enjoy fast cars, even faster bikes, wild parties, and quiet nights in, but most importantly always respecting others as well as ones' self whilst living life to the full! I'm me, I'm nice (written references available lol ) and I'm certainly worth getting to know :)
I own my own business so I work hard and play hard but I also love quiet moments both out in the mountains or at home in a peaceful environment.
Winnie WIN3628
69 years
187 cm
93 kg
My Hometown / Germany
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I search a woman of approx. 1.55 to 1.72 m - age xxxxx - good figure - always hotly and, nevertheless, absolutely faithfully (harmony / trust) - simply and, nevertheless, wisely - to marry = you?
No woman with tattoos or piercing.

I am conservative - realistically - carefully - faithfully - tolerant - rather shyly - sometimes also passively - honestly - at home - intelligently (sometimes) - comfortably - friendly (mainly) - romantically -
does this reach ?

I like films of all kind - they must be only well!
I read Science-Ficton, now and again also other things and also comics.

I like music also Thai-Pop-Music (I have a lot of it!)
and not to forget... THAI FOOD! I love it and miss it so much!

I wait only for THAT Woman, what will stand together with me for all Time - in good and in bad Times !!


If you me one mail most smartly you must know which is suppressed your mail address from thaikisses. Phone number and address are also suppressed ! I can read them when I pay a fee. Only then she is readable. It does not lie in me if you get first sometimes no answer!! I wait for a favorable offer from thaikisses and then we will see.

> Now i can say, that i will come to Thailand every Moment - i think in January >The first station is Kanchanaburi. How long I will remain THERE I do not know yet. Sukothai, Pitsanulok and Chiang May I would also visit with pleasure sometimes.

It is so important not to want to go a new way but to venture the first step in addition...

Who judges people without person ever to have got to know, that is wide from his to own lives and his own I remotely!!!

You can bring nobody to it, you to love - everything what you can act is to be somebody whom one can love. The rest lies with him to others.

People come in our life and go again, others remain for a while, leave fingerprints in our heart and we will never be any more the same.

It needs to build up long time trust, but to destroy only seconds around everything.

I have learnt that in the life not counts WHAT you have, but WHOM you have.

Nothing what we experience separate like we feel it, our life puts out!

A person without dreams stops to life!

= The life has 4 REFLECTS : = LOVES - SUFFER - FIGHT and WIN =
= Who LOVES, that SUFFERS = Who SUFFERS, that FIGHTS = Who FIGHTS, that WINS = (sometimes - not always) =
= So LOVE a lot, SUFFERS a little = Who often FIGHTS, also more often wins! = and...

>> ... it is better to be alone than to have nothing but wrong "Friends" around itself!! <<


If there is a person...
you takes like you are,
and always nicely is to you,
him no other thinking interferes
and also with pleasure your opinion hears,
you it pays attention and understands and all ways with you goes,
without lies or cunning always sincerely and honestly to you is,
on the property builds in you and you unlimitedly trusted,
with his grief it hurries to you and divides your worries with you,
if you are sad sometimes or put out of tune,
then you takes also in his arms,
is glad itself about the reunion
and to love you never regretted,
he is a true friend for you,
this is why also never lets down him.

> SO it had to do one!>, HOWEVER, WHERE I find you...?
Marco MAR68444
57 years
191 cm
100 kg
Chicago / United States of America
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I am seeking an intelligent and emotional woman who cares about her family.
James JAM1575
58 years
183 cm
75 kg
Gautierms / United States of America
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im nice and caring and honest im looking for someone that can be loveing,careing and wants a happy live with each other
Istvan IST60996
60 years
184 cm
99 kg
Berlin Bon / Germany
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I looking for a nice, sincery,honest lady. I don´t like liar and playgaming.Sometimes i worry about my past and i am little bit desperate,but i hang up this and looking only forward. I will try mutch i can with the new lady who i love.I am fair and honest,i tell every time the truth.Where you are?? Fair Lady from age 35 between 50
Benjamin BEN1660
55 years
163 cm
75 kg
Accra / Ghana
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i am a christian and very lovely. I want some who will love and respect me as a husband. I love people and very caring.
Darcy DAR3232
51 years
190 cm
100 kg
Quesnel / Canada
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My name is Darcy. I am 6'2 and 100kg white male, very athletic and enjoys exercise. I am looking for a Black girl no whites please dark skin is my preference sorry if i offend anyone.
must be willing to relocate to Canada.
Feel free to add me to your contact list
Artem ART4326
37 years
179 cm
73 kg
Kachovka / Ukraine
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Normal man go in church. Find normal woman fo future family
Harald HAR8421
52 years
180 cm
100 kg
Bad Breisig / Germany
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i like you wear latex,shiny catsuits,high shoes.
no money bla bla...no lies...no lazy personality
for serious and long lasting love where every minute is important to be together...
Simon SIM5599
52 years
174 cm
80 kg
Paramaribo / Suriname
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Hi. I'm a swm, divorced, no kids. Looking for a friendship, that can grow into more. I'm interested in a kind, loving and self assured woman. they call me : If you are trying to send contact info in a messg, that info is blocked by this site.

I do have Sk.
Thomas THO7113
53 years
185 cm
92 kg
Rabenau / Germany
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I am also looking for a woman who is doing my own activities in mine
many clubs, and on the other hand, is also willing to go hand-in-hand and let your mind go. My everyday life is sometimes very stressful which is owed to my work, because in the field service is every day fight like in a shark basin and mostly I am then broken down in the evening and I long for tenderness. Then there is still the other side of me at the weekend where I usually have invitations at meetings or even times to parties that is then turn
I do not have to say that, most women know better than the men. It makes both fun costs but also strength but is, as far as the weekend is concerned also from time to time for a good cause and then I like the like, for example, that I have played 72 hours of football with my club and that for German cancer help you like to bring it to the people who suffer from it when the revenues go completely there and in our case even to the children's cancer station in this city, where we played. So now enough of me now you turn and I look forward to your e-mail. Oh something else with me is Spanish that means to understand jan speak a bit write and nothing.
I am with both legs in life and enjoy this.
For gadgets I'm not to have. Only serious contact will be answered.

Paul PAU9263
39 years
192 cm
105 kg
Pensacola / United States of America
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Single, loving, caring, very romantic.
Abdel ABD9044
44 years
179 cm
75 kg
Boxtel / Netherlands
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Its my ckype abdel.alarrch Nice and Good heart lady chek the number or leave u number i wil contact u thas my ckype abdel.alarrch
Artem ART6319
30 years
185 cm
75 kg
Saint Peter / Russian Federation
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I am looking for a good and kind black girl for friendship and relationships.