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Mike MIK5155
53 years
173 cm
70 kg
Cardiff / United Kingdom
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ADD ME AS A CONTACT first and then we can chat and I will share my pics. Am here to make new friends and see what happens. You can also contact me xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx but add me as a contact here first
Erik ERI4763
80 years
180 cm
82 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Am a warm, honest, caring, calm and patient man who have had much betray in my life. Am an one-woman-man and still hope
to find an one-man-woman. Am looking here as i don´t believe they exist more in my part of the world. Am also a Godfearing man.
Thom THO5178
36 years
181 cm
95 kg
Vantaa / Finland
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What am I? Just a normal guy in his late 30’s. Working on the days and sleeping at night, also I m and a gym enthusiast. Cars, travelling and reading take also a part of my free time. Get aquainted with a nice woman, with no stress or hurry, From a friendship to…something more. Who knows.

What I really require of you, is that you can express yourself and discuss. A type of intelligency is a thing that turns me on. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a top skill scientist or any type of high posisioded professional in your career, but I really hope that you are able to build up something that is worth to share with words,
because that life really is. Words and meanings.
For me, life experience can also the best ”School”. Just be the honest yourself and that’s it!

But before you write think and just ask yourself:
Am I willing to do this or ready for a lifetime contact, that may develop to something more?

I'm very good of noticing fake people so be aware.

If you really want to expect a reply, please write down something about yourself in honest way.
Risto RIS3504
53 years
175 cm
85 kg
Helsinki / Finland
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Life is much more than money. life is much easier when money is not too much. just enough to get it done .life is simple. there is no need to be anything else. does not need every year to go on vacation. buy anything in vain
Artem Kashkaev ART3320
30 years
187 cm
88 kg
Moscow / Russian Federation
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Hi! My name Artem Kashkaev. I am a professional portrait-painter, I like to listen to heavy metal music.
Find me xxxxxxxxxxx :)
Joe JOE8088
30 years
176 cm
91 kg
Philadelphi / United States of America
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Looking for mature loyal companion for relationship and future spouse
James JAM1575
58 years
183 cm
75 kg
Gautierms / United States of America
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im nice and caring and honest im looking for someone that can be loveing,careing and wants a happy live with each other
Roby Miner ROB5054
35 years
170 cm
72 kg
Basse Terre / Guadeloupe
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I don't give too much details about me on internet because its dangerous. I will trust you only if we Video Call outside in the sunlight or in a well lit room. And to all scammers, please don't come ask me money or my email, specially me. i will consider you as a threat to this Dating Site. I will report you or I might just get your IP Address and boot you offline for a year or forever, which means, i will destroy your cheap/expensive internet connection(Buy a new router). I will corrupt your mobile phone's database and its operating system as well(Buy a new phone). So (Warning) to all scammers i'm not the one to be mess with seriously.
Peter PET8463
68 years
184 cm
90 kg
Frankfurt A / Germany
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Hello here is PETER from Germany
I am married and 69 years old and I am interested in you as your lover, friend and sponsor

If you are interested, I would be glad if you answer me
Istvan IST60996
59 years
184 cm
99 kg
Berlin Bon / Germany
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I looking for a nice, sincery,honest lady. I don´t like liar and playgaming.Sometimes i worry about my past and i am little bit desperate,but i hang up this and looking only forward. I will try mutch i can with the new lady who i love.I am fair and honest,i tell every time the truth.Where you are?? Fair Lady from age 35 between 50
Codjo Laurent COD9964
31 years
171 cm
75 kg
Cotonou / Benin
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très simple avec beaucoup de sens de l'humour,je ne suis pas le plus parfait des hommes,mais je sais comment prendre soin de son partenaire,j'aime écouter mon partenaire quand elle a surtout besoin de soutien,de l'Amour j'en ai a donner
Peter PET6689
56 years
172 cm
77 kg
Marcheenfam / Belgium
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If some one wants to give me xxxxxxxxxxxx , ..il will be impossible to read for me ,,,so write : ....
hope you ladys understand me ....
greatings peter .
Anthony ANT2069
55 years
186 cm
122 kg
Laurel / United States of America
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I am serious, mature independent and loyal. Hoping to meet a life partner with the same qualities
Eric ERI4409
64 years
170 cm
66 kg
Rangoon / Myanmar
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Hello , I'm a man looking for a women in long term parnership,married possible , my job Senior Factory Manager in a seafood processing factory about 400 employee . master graduate in Germany , I'm with open mind , i am peaceful and reliable person, little romantic and with humor . my partner college or bachelor degree its fine , I will answer every contact immediately .So start to send your first contact soon , i am very interestedto find a partner soon . hurry !
Isaac ISA1088
38 years
170 cm
76 kg
Accra / Ghana
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I fun, humorous and romantic person with good health, heart and enjoy good communication with my partner. I like to love and be loved dearly.
Adam ADA4510
29 years
177 cm
82 kg
Kattowitz / Poland
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- a beautiful, loving, sweet and submissive woman
- 15 million
-a big house with a big garden
- several large companies
-automatization company to be able to travel and have time for a future wife
Ed ED9343
49 years
180 cm
91 kg
Cheyenne / United States of America
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Good hearted man looking for wife and fun. I respect and love.
Ronald RON3067
49 years
192 cm
91 kg
Lauderdale / United States of America
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Passionate,loving, fun care giving. Romantic,love beaches picnic fishing movies plays etc
Michael MIC6130
52 years
183 cm
90 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Shy humble honest person looking for a nice lady with similar qualities in same age group
Uwe UWE6674
50 years
192 cm
105 kg
Berlin / Germany
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auf der Suchen nach Liebe und Geborgenheit