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Bernd BER9100
52 years
184 cm
82 kg
Cochem / Germany
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looking for a new love to start a new life. To contact me
look at the details in my pics
Vyacheslav VYA5344
44 years
177 cm
90 kg
Moscow / Russian Federation
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Hi Sunshine! Looking for an honest partner, seductive happy lady. Are you here? You can write to me
Keifalla KEI8533
44 years
173 cm
87 kg
Freetown / Sierra Leone
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I'm friendly, Caring, and Honest
John JOH2112
48 years
170 cm
68 kg
Harare / Zimbabwe
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Am someone who loves outdoor activities,meeting new people of different cultures,am so particular about keeping time,am someone who is faithful and trustworth and i expect to see those attributes in my partner.she should be someone who is loving and tolerant.
David DAV3862
46 years
178 cm
75 kg
Hemer / Germany
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I am helpful,honest,loyal,romantic,sweet,religious(my father is a Pastor).I am searching for a lovely and honest woman.I can read Messages but no contact Info,that is deleted by this site.And its not possible to reply.Kindly write your adress and i will try to come to you.I wish you a blessed sunday.Best regards
Alan ALA8241
73 years
185 cm
98 kg
Cedar Falls / United States of America
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Older man, very good physically. Recently divorced and looking to start my life over and have a marriage and family. Self employed electrical contractor. Love to fix things, cars and houses, mostly, travel, learn and share experiences with loved ones and friends, especially children. Also teach my skills to others. Follow politics a lot and support progressive candidates and causes.
Klaus KLA9569
58 years
178 cm
72 kg
Joter / Germany
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First I have to apologize for my pics - they just showed my profession and were not accepted by this site. As Google can identify any person with his facial profile I have to avoid showing pics of my face on websites like this as I am an musician and a so called public person. So if I would leave a photo of mine here I would be shown as a member of this site by Google and I can´t let this happen. I hope you can understand that. But if there would be a contact I would gladly send a real pic of mine - no problem. - Well, the rest is pretty simple. I am a musician, basically classical, and that´s why "She" should have similar interests. But I love good rock, crossover music and jazz as well and have my own band as an alternation to the serious classical world. In general I am very culturally orientated. What means I love concerts, operas, theatres, museums, literature, philosophy etc. on one hand. On the other I love to do just the opposite of what the majority does. I guess you can call me a nonconformist.
I´m searching for a real intelligent and well educated African lady. Having a big butt may be an eye catcher but it doesn´t help when it comes to the so called inner values or to the durability of a relationship. I would like to meet a lady who could be my wife, my partner, friend, advisor and my lover at the same time. That also means that I don´t like submissive and obedient women. And before I forget: I love to laugh. So - if you could be the other half of that so called "Us/We" then write me a message. I would love to hear from you. And please realize that I only have a free membership. That means: you have to find a way to get in touch with me - not the other way round. (Here´s a hint: just write your email-address on a sheet, shoot a photo of yourself with that sheet in your hand and send it as an attachment in a message to me)
And why is that?
Because up to a point I realized that about 95% of all women here just want to make some money or they show a behavior that doesn´t fit to their assertion to search for a serious relationship or they are simple fake accounts to make the number of ladies on this site appear much bigger than it really is. In other words: Most profiles are fake and corresponding with them is useless and a waste of time. So why should I pay for a better membership? But if you belong to the rare exceptions I would be happy to get in touch with you.
Hannes HAN7928
59 years
180 cm
83 kg
Cologne / Germany
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Marriage only
Dmitriy DMI2045
52 years
180 cm
105 kg
Saransk / Russian Federation
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Hi! I am Dmitry (or Dee) from Russia. I am a good person, kind, sociable, with a sense of humor! I want to find my soul mate for life!!!... or just international friends!!! I'm really cool and open-minded!!! but what I really am, you can only find out in person, and I will not advertise myself.... look closer at me on my PHOTOS and write to me!!! W
Paul PAU1108
53 years
182 cm
92 kg
Bedizzole / Italy
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i am humble by nature, quiet and trusthworthy, looking forward to meet a any serious minded person.......
Henry HEN4875
52 years
176 cm
71 kg
Tarbes / France
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Joseph JOS8481
20 years
195 cm
65 kg
Kinshasa / Zaire
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20 à 40 ans
Gerhard GER1753
54 years
186 cm
95 kg
Mindelheim / Germany
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Liebe Afrikanische Frauen auch mit mehr Figur ;-))
Jjjosef JOS2005
67 years
183 cm
80 kg
Maxvorstadt / Germany
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those wonderful ladies , who are exclusively searching for husbands or serious relations, please abstain; am not here for that. ( i am married already, sorry) :-) those really interested in friendship or casual dating, since i will not prolong my membership here for the time being, as i experienced another raise in percentage of scammers and fakes...pity, used to be a fine site
and...since i am here for a long time, and lately 95% of the "people" ask me for money, airtime, phone.topups or similar "favours" after an average time of 5 minutes and 33 seconds of chatting, i want to make clear, that this is very annoying, and that in the future, from now on i will report immediately. so, scammers and fakes abstain, will you please...all the other few nice ladies, welcome to a lovely conversation or more
Søren SLJ6406
59 years
180 cm
80 kg
Odense V / Denmark
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er en stille og rolig person som søger en sød kvinde
Robert ROB7886
65 years
178 cm
88 kg
Sundby Berg / Sweden
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Well new here so got to work out how it works first--lol----im an ducated caring supportive man looking for that special gal--more later when I find the right words--LOL.
James JAM6943
52 years
182 cm
82 kg
Prattville / United States of America
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like meet a woman that caring, strong-minded, honest and loving
Taras TAR4179
31 years
185 cm
148 kg
Krasnojarsk / Russian Federation
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I'm 30 years old. Writer, psychologist and poet. I'm looking for my black goddess who will accept me for who I am. The most important thing is that we have common interests, and the girl perceives me as I am. I like to walk in nature, in my free time I play board games like "Inish", "Cthulhu Myths", "Munchkin" and others. Write, I am waiting for the one who agrees to tie the knot and move to Russia. I have never been married, I have no children. The rest is in personal correspondence and via video link
Johnson JOH5386
23 years
155 cm
70 kg
Lomé / Togo
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Hello good day everybody I am Johnson David 22 years from Togo in west Africa I am new here I want meet with a very good and responsible partner's from all the world
Ibrahim IBR2481
27 years
175 cm
46 kg
Camayenne / Eq.Guinea
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Aimable intentionné