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Watsap+ Mike MIK2951
56 years
188 cm
90 kg
Melbourne / Australia
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I'miss a very gentle person well motivated sensual person seeking a loyal loving African lady..
Klaus KLA9569
55 years
178 cm
73 kg
Joter / Germany
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First I have to apologise for my pics - they just show my profession. As Google can identify any person with his facial profile I have to avoid showing pics of my face on websites like this as I am an artist and a so called public person. I hope you can understand that. But if there would be a contact I would gladly send a real pic of mine - no problem. - Well, the rest is pretty simple. I am a musician, basically classical, and that´s why "She" should have similar interests. But I love good rock music as well and have my own band. In general I am very cultural orientated. What means I love concerts, operas, theatres, museums etc. on one hand. On the other I love to be a little bit crazy, what means to do just the opposite of what the majority does. I guess you can call me nonconformist. And before I forget: I love to laugh. So - if you could be the other half of that so called "Us/We" then write me a mail. I would love to hear from you. And please realise that I only have a free membership. That means you have to show me possibilties to get in touch with you.
Carl CAR1975
44 years
173 cm
80 kg
Utrecht / Netherlands
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I'm sick and tired of being on this dating site ad sick and tired of being alone. Am very eager to get married and start a family.

I love to read, travel, cook, music, philosophize, fitness, explore, etc. Next to my regular profession, I'm also an entrepreneur and writer of poetry and social-racial issues ( I have a blog I attempt to maintain, "searchingsolaceinmyhead" ). I'm NOT AT ALL RELIGIOUS (if that's what you're looking for), PLEASE NOTE: not being religious in no way means that one isn't an upright, moral, principled, good life values, etc. human being. Am vegan/vegetarian, I like to exercise my body and mind.

I'm in search of a kind, warm, loving, caring, ambitious, diligent, intelligent, inventive, creative, giving, friendly, socially aware, activist, knowledgeable, communicative, patient, understanding African woman, who reads (loves to read), communicates openly.
A woman who'll be by my side and with whom to build and manage an empire, form a power couple, and with whom to start a relationship that'll lead into marriage, and a beautiful, loving, successful, thriving family.
I'm really looking for and only interested in "forever". Nothing less!
I'm looking for a woman with common interests or similar. For the rest she needs to be genuine, down to earth, smart, self-sufficient, natural, and NO skin bleachers!
Serious replies, and looking for long term only!
I'm a Black women type of man, so Black women ONLY! I have a deep love, honor, respect, admiration, high regard, awe, and appreciation for, and pride in Black women. Not African myself, but I do prefer someone with African pride and knowledge of self (and of global critical race theory).
I have a preference for natural hair, and this might be a deal-breaker (it depends). Also have a love for dark-skinned women, although this definitely isn't a deal-breaker. As long as you're a Black woman with knowledge of self.

I ask a lot of patience from you as I'm very busy and I'm getting a lot of messages, while I'm trying to weed out the scammers and malevolent.
Vadim VAD2168
39 years
170 cm
70 kg
Jekaterinbu / Russian Federation
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I am looking for a bride from any city. I am looking for a tall African woman to live and enjoy together. I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I do not speak English. I know only Russian. I am 48 years old. African woman is my dream))) looking for a chocolate bride !
Manuel MAN3540
63 years
188 cm
80 kg
Rijsel / France
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Am a friendly man with education and respect. It would be great to meet a nice lady here.
James JAM6943
49 years
182 cm
82 kg
Prattville / United States of America
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like meet a woman that caring, strong-minded, honest and loving
Aykut AYK4367
38 years
190 cm
83 kg
Isparta / Turkey
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Hi to my all visitors. I'm a standard user. I can read most of your messages, but I can't answer. Send me your communication channel in your messages. I've marked the options, but I feel the need to write here. "Im married" But I don't hide my admiration and passion for black ladies. I admire you all beautiful black ladies. Maybe I will have to suppress this feeling for a lifetime, but I will not hide it. If you would like to contact me, please send your other link suggestions (email or phone number etc.). Write your messages by coding also.
Willys WEL6500
55 years
201 cm
85 kg
Nairobi / Kenya
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looking for a serious lady out there ready for long term relationship
Louisweet LOU2256
72 years
170 cm
72 kg
Marseille / France
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I am looking for an adorable and charming young female person, with or without children, for a sincere and serious relationship leading to MARRIAGE.
I use the Google translator because my level of English is very low.
Je recherche une adorable et charmante jeune personne féminine, avec ou sans enfant, pour une sincère et sérieuse relation aboutissant au MARIAGE.
J'utilise le traducteur de Google car mon niveau d'anglais est très faible.
Siggi SIG1529
61 years
182 cm
78 kg
Frankfurt a / Germany
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I am an academic man, living in Germany. I am looking for a kind, thruthful, beautiful and intelligent Lady.
John JOH1347
76 years
173 cm
72 kg
Salmon Arm / Canada
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a lady without hangups
Eric ERI4471
52 years
173 cm
85 kg
Chimay / Belgium
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Please ladies, don't send me your phone number or email xxxxxxxxxxxx I can't read them when not gold membership. Just be less specific about it.
Mark MAR38187
65 years
173 cm
63 kg
Grand Rapid / United States of America
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I am caring and loving person and looking for the same. I have many interest such as music, travel and more. I have a std condition. So, many may not want me. It is not life threatening but just a skin condition.
Dewayne DEW1860
67 years
180 cm
64 kg
Sacramento / United States of America
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My name is Dewayne, divorced father of three daughters and one son. I haven't upgraded my membership so I'm not able to chat or accept chat requests yet. A little about me, I'm somewhat shy until I get to know you or feel comfortable with you or being around you. I love traveling to other countries. I've been to most of Central America, South Korea and the Philippines. I plan to visit Afrika in the near future(Senegal, Mali, The Gambia, Burkina Faso and Tanzania are high on my list for my first trip ti Afrika. I love sports especially, track and field, Basketball, and, American football. I like to play different card games, board games, Billiards (pool) etc. My interests are too many to mention here. I love music, my favorite is what we call soul music. Some of my favorite groups and artists are, The Temptations, Boys 2 Men, Sam Cooke, David Ruffin, Bob Marley, 2face idibia, and Marvin Gaye just to name a few. (What I'm looking for in a woman) First of all, I want a one man woman, I want someone that will communicate with me in good times and bad. Someone that if we have a problem or disagreement, we can sit down and talk and solve our own problems. I'm looking for a wife, a Queen, some one that will encourage me when I'm feeling down and I will do the same for her. I have a lot of plans...(to be continued) PS...I hope to upgrade my membership in a few days so if anyone wants to chat with me, I'll be here, thanks for taking time to read my message.

Junior JUN9544
34 years
183 cm
77 kg
Florida / United States of America
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friendly,kind, fun person with a lot going to achieve in life.
Augustine AUG9917
32 years
166 cm
67 kg
Ejura / Ghana
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I am Augustine Dannah .I live in Ghana, Ejura I am a professional teacher .I am looking for a single lady for a relationship leading to marriage.
Please only serious ladies should contact me. I don't like cheats
Thank you for reading my profile.
John JOH0587
71 years
173 cm
71 kg
xxxxxxxx xx / United Kingdom
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I am an ordinary man with ordinary desires and ambitions. However, I've been lucky enough to travel to and work in some wonderful places.
I've been alone for several years and would prefer to share my time with someone else rather than doing everything by myself.
I want to love and be loved.
Jayson JAY9934
44 years
169 cm
67 kg
Columbus Ge / Ghana
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Very calm gentleman looking for a serious relationship
John JOH7074
54 years
173 cm
80 kg
Amsterdam / Netherlands
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am looking for a date and serious relationship.
Peter PET3154
60 years
175 cm
96 kg
Vancouver / Canada
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I'm an outgoing person who loves life, loves new experiences and loves new cultures.

I'm hoping to find a like minded person who likes to live life and make things happen.