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Shola SHO8112
63 years
166 cm
65 kg
Manama / Bahrain
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"The 8th Wonder from The 7th Heaven" — That is me at your service. So come n get me if you are bold and confident enough. :D

Wonderfully designed, Fearfully made, Incredible fitness expert. Excellently structured and saved —It is by GRACE and not by my own making. It is a unique GIFT, not by my own handiwork, and so I boast in the LORD.

Sincere, Trustworthy, Straightforward, Brutally honest, Black or White with no gray shade —"YES is yes and NO is no" attitude, Unique character and Integrity with True Love to match as described by the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and I seek the same from others regardless of who you may be. If you don't love the LORD JESUS, then I don't believe you can ever love me. Simple as that.

I am looking for TRUE FRIENDSHIP with a GOOD HEART which is the only solid foundation of any relationship. Without it, the relationship is doomed before it gets started. Call me "FRIEND" before you call me "Love".
I desire a "GOOD HEART" not necessarily a very "GOOD FACE & BODY".
I also desire and pray for the kind of virtuous woman described in Proverbs 31 of the BIBLE.. But no problem if you are not. We can still be friends.
A "GOOD HEART' is the priority with a very "GOOD FACE & BODY" as the bonus.
I know! A "GOOD HEART" is hard to find but not if the LORD has anything to do with it. :)

Also PLEASE! If you do not have any access to VIDEO CHAT, either through your phone or laptop or a visit to an internet cafe for identity authentication, you are so free to ignore me and pass over me because I am going to ask you for a video chat. Not to see you naked, I am not interested in that, but to see the real you in sync with your photos. Most people have this tendency to be unscrupulous online with hanky-panky mindset. I am looking for a friend, not a dishonest entity, This is from my past experience and no offense to anyone please. We are now living in a very strange world.
Also Please do not ask me money. I cannot by law send money to anyone who is not directly related to me. I live a very low profile lifestyle, so I do not need a high maintenance expensive gold digging woman. Simple life minded one will suffice.

Stay safe and super cool,
Stay fit and healthy,
Be blessed and stay blessed —All the time.

I love you like JAH do :D
I love all things bright and beautiful...All things wise and wonderful.
For the LORD GOD made them all.
Thomas THO1997
60 years
182 cm
78 kg
Sundsvall / Sweden
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I am a matured grownup man with good perspective on life in most ways. Searching for true love with great passion and understanding for eternal comittment, joy and happiness throught out.
Lasse Hein LAS6258
26 years
180 cm
84 kg
Lystrup / Denmark
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HiI am new here, will write more later
Mario MAR0478
58 years
177 cm
80 kg
Finsterwald / Germany
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I am widowed and have 2 children who are married and live alone. I am looking for an honest woman to live and love.
Roger ROG7402
72 years
163 cm
90 kg
Kortrijk / Belgium
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im honest and looking for the samer
William WIL7931
48 years
179 cm
73 kg
London / United Kingdom
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Been on this site before & left. If you’re from Ghana please don’t contact me please as I will block without reading. Looking for an honest mature woman who wants a serious relationship with a view to long term. I’m from the U.K. but currently working in Germany in southern Bavaria.
Deej DEE8539
52 years
186 cm
90 kg
Adelaide / Australia
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im from Australia best country in the world im 6"1 in height sporty body ..looking for open minded girl for long term but must love 9 inch grind ...i work in investments i want to start family
Erik ERI4763
82 years
180 cm
82 kg
Copenhagen / Denmark
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Am a warm, honest, caring, calm and patient man who have had much betray in my life. Am an one-woman-man and still hope
to find an one-man-woman. Am looking here as i don´t believe they exist more in my part of the world. Am also a Godfearing man.
Thomas EMM8108
49 years
189 cm
120 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I am a divorced man and looking for friendship, maybe is there the right one
Andrey LWE5468
52 years
180 cm
95 kg
Sanktpeterb / Russian Federation
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Looking for a girl for long and serious relationship.
Olaf OLA4097
58 years
185 cm
82 kg
Ingolstadt / Germany
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I'm an very faithful honest lovely and warmhearted man who is looking for a serious relationship with a african woman. I'm not a paying member on here so I can't write you back.
Eric ERI4471
53 years
173 cm
85 kg
Chimay / Belgium
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Please ladies, don't send me your phone number or email xxxxxxxxxxxx I can't read them when not gold membership. Just be less specific about it.
Thom THO8125
76 years
177 cm
91 kg
Fremont / Thailand
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Looking for friendship, more if the right person comes along.
Frank FRA3790
59 years
174 cm
80 kg
Weiden / Germany
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Sorry I can only speak German
Only look for women who speak some German, others don't need to contact me okay
Hans HAN2462
39 years
171 cm
67 kg
Oslo / Norway
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sugardaddy search sugargirl
Klaus KLA9569
56 years
178 cm
72 kg
Joter / Germany
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First I have to apologize for my pics - they just showed my profession and were not accepted by this site. As Google can identify any person with his facial profile I have to avoid showing pics of my face on websites like this as I am an artist and a so called public person. So I would be shown as a member of this site and I can´t let this happen. I hope you can understand that. But if there would be a contact I would gladly send a real pic of mine - no problem. - Well, the rest is pretty simple. I am a musician, basically classical, and that´s why "She" should have similar interests. But I love good rock, crossover music and jazz as well and have my own band as an alternation to the serious classical world. In general I am very culturally orientated. What means I love concerts, operas, theatres, museums etc. on one hand. On the other I love to be a little bit crazy, what means to do just the opposite of what the majority does. I guess you can call me a nonconformist.
I´m searching for an intelligent and well educated African lady. Having a big butt may be an eye catcher but it doesn´t help when it comes to the so called inner values or to the durability of a relationship. I would like to meet a lady who could be my wife, my partner, advisor and my lover at the same time. That also means that I don´t like submissive and obedient women. And before I forget: I love to laugh. So - if you could be the other half of that so called "Us/We" then write me a mail. I would love to hear from you. And please realize that I only have a free membership. That means: you have to find a way to get in touch with me - not the other way round. And why is that?
Because up to a point I realized that most women here want just money or they show a behavior that doesn´t fit to their assertion to search for a serious relationship. In other words: Most profiles are fake and corresponding with them is useless and a waste of time. If you belong to the rare exceptions I would be happy to get in touch with you.
Hans HAN6830
63 years
174 cm
85 kg
Trier / Germany
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want find a nice naughty Girl with small boobs that not ask me to send Money or to load phone.
i like Chat naughty sometimes
girls you have to take me in your contacts first, then we can chat
have s k
Juergen JUE5068
58 years
192 cm
122 kg
Taufkirchen / Germany
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look for a real liftime Partnership. Without any stress and homemade problems. Its important to talk together, if something wrong and look together for solutions. I am intressted in nature, travelling, motorcicles and Family. I have 3 kids, but they live by her Mother. We need to give as the opportunity that we grow together and create together a great lifetime love
Hendrik HEN5683
61 years
182 cm
77 kg
Apeldoorn / Netherlands
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I' m serious, kind, loyal, faithful, caring and easy going guy who believe in truth and honest of love. Love gardening, biking and being outside in nature. I am really looking for a serious lady who will understand the language of my heart
Eric ERI5327
62 years
182 cm
71 kg
Ramsgate / United Kingdom
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I am considered attractive and easy to get along with. I am looking for similar.