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Peter PET5366
59 years
170 cm
85 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Hello Ladys
My name is Peter, am x/x, live in my own house on a property in a little forest on the borderline of Berlin and work in a chemistry enterprise. I'm a lot of daily time at work. I don't smoke, don't drink and i'm alone since 2xx4. I have a daughter xxxx it live in Berlin and visit me regularly. In my little free time i have a lot of work on property, I make a little music (keyboard), ride bicycle if i have time for it, i love it to cook and love a cosy house . Television, formula 1 - and football looking are rather i don't prefer. In the vacation I favour in generally calm camping sites, boat drive, swim, gather mushrooms, barbecue, stay awake for a long time in the evening and sleep long on the next day. But as you can see on my photos, i love journeys to other countries too. I finished the restoring of the house almost and would not like to spend the evenings at the fire-place any longer alone. I miss the lovely one for talks, cuddles, spoils, cooking, a partner, which would like themselves to lean on my shoulder, like to go for a dinner in the restaurant in the evening or go into a concert, which can represents and explain its own opinion…. simply "the completely normal woman" …. A lot of european woman love it, if the man have money for a nice live, but don't want to accept, when he have to work hard for this. Therefore i look here on the pages of "Asia Kisses" for the lovely one. I don't look for a woman for cleaning the house and the clothes ! I want to become aquainted with a woman for a marriage, which is able and willing to remove later in my country, which want to live here with me together, which want to have a job here and want to be a equal partner for me. O.k., which I am to still write here now? In hope to hear something from you . I want to close for today. Greetings and good luck. God bless you all. Peter