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George GEO2092
66 years
187 cm
80 kg
Mackay / United States of America
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i am a master looking for slaves are you the right one for me
Deej DEE8539
51 years
186 cm
90 kg
Adelaide / Australia
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im from Australia best country in the world im 6"1 in height sporty body ..looking for open minded girl for long term but must love 9 inch grind ...i work in investments i want to start family
Mark MAR7647
62 years
176 cm
83 kg
Cracow / Poland
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I am looking for my future wife
Peter PET1572
38 years
193 cm
90 kg
Dronten / Netherlands
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How would I be able to subscribe myself, while the part of me that does that subscribing is itself never part of that description. So will always substantially be incomplete.
Andreas AND7957
52 years
190 cm
98 kg
Zürich / Switzerland
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Single man is looking for a serious longterm relationship.
Stefan STE3505
52 years
189 cm
85 kg
Duisburg / Germany
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I can Not read message but i leave xxxxxxxxxxx number , zero zero four nine ,zero one seven nine four zero three seven four two six ,hope to hear from you soon as possible please use the number which i was write here
Matthew MAT8487
45 years
188 cm
99 kg
Arnhem / Netherlands
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Scott SCO5366
35 years
190 cm
58 kg
Scotland / United Kingdom
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Hey my name is Scott...I have a nice calm personality and looking to chat with similar people around the same age as me...friendship first then if we click then who knows maybe more,if your interested to know more and chat leave me xxxxxxxxxx add xxxxxxxxxxx name cause I do use them on a daily basis thanks and take care.
Harry HAR7967
72 years
173 cm
87 kg
Berlin / Germany
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I work and live in Nairobi
Pete PET9526
57 years
168 cm
48 kg
Hemel Hemps / United Kingdom
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i am a 43yrs old i work in security i am looking for someone for friendship and hopefully love someone who is pleasent and caring and quit good looking and a sense of humour.
Ulrich ULR7979
58 years
190 cm
120 kg
Rechtsupweg / Germany
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My name is Ulrich, 57 years old mature serious man from Germany, looking for good African woman for relationship and marriage, am respectful and romantic, retired, living alone in nice appartement in North Germany.
Bobby BOB7150
51 years
181 cm
113 kg
Boston / United States of America
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I'm a 5ft 11inch tall clean shaven muscular single black male with adult kids.
Elmar ELM8838
57 years
195 cm
98 kg
Munich / Germany
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Im Impresario = Boss of brazilian danceshow in Munich - germany - name is

The woman I want to marry should have qualities like :

Smart & beautiful
independ (not sitting home waiting for the man = no housewife)
not jealeous (a little is ok)
like to be handsome
like to kiss and get kissed (all over)
like to get touched and not be affraid to make love
beeing honest & truthfull
like children

it is a lot – but not to much – I think – isnt ? - cause for me all these points are normal – no big deal.
And what about you ? - what are you expecting ?
Peace and Love
By the way - Im Impresario of brazilian Showband names Aquarelas do Brasil in Munich - so - they work for me - I hope you can handle that and dont get jealous - there is no reason for - ok - When I love my woman - then no other girl can touch me - got it ?!!
MrJan MRJ5616
50 years
178 cm
82 kg
Karlskoga / Sweden
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A laid back man.
Achim ACH4830
62 years
175 cm
74 kg
Rastatt / Germany
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mal schauen, was auf mich zukommt.
Bin fuer alles offen.
Suche ernsthaft.
Gisle GIS3667
55 years
175 cm
85 kg
Lillehammer / Norway
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I am a kind, honest, faithful, trusty and passionate man.
If you want to know more please contact me.
Roman ROM2672
46 years
175 cm
70 kg
Waldernbach / Germany
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i am a Calm, Sprituell, down-to-earth man who makes no dramas from little things.
John JOH8543
49 years
191 cm
83 kg
Miami / United States of America
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Entrepreneur and world traveler seeking my soulmate.
Didi DIE9024
54 years
174 cm
95 kg
Saalfeld / Germany
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Hi my Dear,I wait for you.
Basti BAS3084
45 years
183 cm
80 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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I am looking for a serious relationship