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Pupkin PUP8373
89 years
180 cm
84 kg
Utrecht / Netherlands
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Homme doux cherche une amie Africaine.
Tout peut se faire ... Rien est taboo.
Daniel DAN4750
40 years
183 cm
70 kg
Ilmenau / Germany
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Noch kein Vollmitglied, weshalb ich auf Nachrichten noch nicht antworten kann. Miserabel in Selbstbeschreibungen, beantworte (sobald ich kann) alle Fragen sK und wenn y auf pE Frage kommt, einfac unter zo dem mb Namen ie xxxxxxxxxxxx 20.02
Georg GEO2150
60 years
180 cm
93 kg
Nürnberg / Germany
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I am looking for friends from Africa to chat, to exchange cultures, to get to know each other and perhaps for a relationship. Please not under 30 years and no fakes! I do not transfer money for webcams or sick granny. So save the time and effort.
Friedrich FRI5422
39 years
178 cm
68 kg
Cologne / Germany
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I study history and international law at the university of Cologne.
I like to travel ,to read and to watch DVDs...
I am sincere and impulsive.

I am looking for a warm- hearted and sincere woman. -
You should like to travel, too.
Christian CHR7133
45 years
178 cm
88 kg
Kempen / Germany
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i was already two times in malindi/kenya.

i want a nudist family at home also with kids

A lovly woman she accept also polygamy

i want a threesome relationship in love and respect

i´m not here for sponsor, send money or pay airtimes or bills

Sándor SAN3174
70 years
175 cm
72 kg
Halle / Germany
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I am Hungarian, but I live in Germany. . Who I'm looking for? I do not know. Perhaps it me get lucky. I speak little English. I'm sorry.
I love the arts, peace of mind. Harmony.
Enrico ENR4904
45 years
167 cm
63 kg
Padua / Italy
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funny,pretty,serious,nice,Looking for a soulmate after a healt problem
Thomas THO2518
65 years
173 cm
76 kg
Djuras / Sweden
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Old but feel young and try to be a good person
Michael MIC8358
21 years
170 cm
66 kg
Tarkoradi / Ghana
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am a very simple guy, funny, smart, open-minded and am looking for someone who will accept me with my flaws like I'll accept hers
Sebastian SEB6647
41 years
188 cm
86 kg
Berlin / Germany
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Please send me your contact Dates, if you are interested in me. I will answer as soon as i can!
I don't have a Gold Membership!
Dan DAN3755
26 years
180 cm
77 kg
Munich / Germany
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Just your average german guy. Ask me if you want to know something, i dont bite ;)
Styven STY6517
47 years
186 cm
94 kg
Manchester / United Kingdom
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I lonely soul looking for a loving woman who can mend a broken heart
Thomas MOS1775
48 years
179 cm
70 kg
Thun / Switzerland
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I searching a nice family oriented young Girl. A Woman that will come in to life in my country. I want get married and have childrens in the future. You are never married and you dont have any childrens. You must write me. I will know you soon. :-)
Sorry i dont have a active account at this moment. Write on mail..
Yaya YAY6507
29 years
169 cm
70 kg
Saint-Germe / France
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Bonsoir bonjour je suis un homme célibataire tre sérieuse très cenecer et honnête je es recherché une relation sérieuse voilà
Lee LEE7579
64 years
166 cm
82 kg
San Antonio / United States of America
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i'll tell you later
Rasheed Abdul Hameed RAS5754
57 years
179 cm
92 kg
Pittsboro / United States of America
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im a american muslim healthy practicing islam to the best of my ability seeking his paradise seeking a muslim woman who is also open for marriage inshallah only serious women need apply no games please im not here to date just to find my beautful african bride who is a simple down to earth and who accepts Pologamy in.islam women who respectable and modest who doesn't mind being a co wife contact me also.I haven't upgraded my.profile.to a paid member like before so.
Nethanael NET6651
36 years
172 cm
69 kg
Santiago / Chile
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Multi-ethnic African and American living now in Santiago, Chile. I teach for a living and have decided to continue teaching at University in South America having moved from Bangkok, Thailand. If you like exploring new countries, learning new languages and having great adventures I am looking for you. I am seeking someone who is bright, energetic, and fun, the kind of woman I can't wait to see after a day at work. I am looking to settle down and start a family of my own.
Gregory GRE1695
54 years
183 cm
94 kg
Yokohama / Japan
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Old school,open minded and likes to laugh.
Paul PAU9263
40 years
192 cm
105 kg
Pensacola / United States of America
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Single, loving, caring, very romantic.
Wout WOU9207
56 years
176 cm
70 kg
Hilversum / Netherlands
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i am a man from holland divorced i looking for a african woman for a relationship